Amateur chef recreates Salt Bae’s £850 gold steak for a fraction of the price

An amateur chef has recreated Salt Bae’s infamous £850 gold-plated steak – and managed to make it for just £18.99.

George Runham saw pictures of the now infamous meal online, and was shocked when he heard the price – as were one group who got a whopping £37,000 bill at the swanky London restaurant.

The foodie decided to see if he could make his own version, so ordered some gold leaf sheets off Amazon for £6.99, and bought a £12 steak from M&S.

He then got to work and created a convincing replica of Salt Bae’s steak, costing George a total of just £18.99 – and he said that the famous chef is charging his customers way too much.

George, from Birmingham, said: “I don’t mind paying good money for good food but I have no idea how a steak can cost £850 alone.

“After seeing dozens of tweets about the overpriced steak I decided to try it myself.

“I set up my own cooking page on Instagram – @thekitchen .sync in January this year and posted my version on there.”

George’s gold leaf steak took just 15 minutes to cook, and he served it with peppercorn sauce, mac and cheese, salad, and ciabatta.

He continued: “I was shocked that it cost just £16.99 to recreate the steak by using supermarket meat and Amazon.

“I had a great response to my version with a lot of people agreeing that you don’t need to spend a fortune for great food.

“The gold leaf adds absolutely nothing in terms of flavour or texture so I normally would not bother adding it unless you’re looking to create that Instagram worthy image.”

George says he has no intention of visiting Salt Bae’s restaurant but enjoyed recreating the gold leaf steak.

He added: “I think it’s important to show people that they can make restaurant standard food at home.”

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