Couple rake in £2,500 a month after building tiny holiday hut in back garden

An entrepreneurial couple have shared how they managed to boost their joint income by a whopping £2,500 a month – by building a holiday home in their back garden.

TikTok star Steph, @stephinvests, shared a video of the tiny wooden cottage that she built with her partner, specifically so they could rent it out on Airbnb.

She said that the hut brings in an income of £30,000 per year – and because of the extra income, she was able to double her mortgage.

The video proved popular on social media and soon had almost a million views, alongside countless comments from people praising Steph for the ingenious idea.

She wrote on TikTok: “Built a #tinyhome in my backyard. It grosses $3,500(£2,500) /month in short term rental income.

“That’s $42k (£30,000) per year.”

In the clip, Steph shared a timelapse which showed her first laying the foundations for the property, before the pair then added outdoor decking, an indoor kitchen, and a lounge.

Steph said that it cost her around £30,000 to build the small shack, and she kept the cost down by doing lots of the manual labour herself.

After uploading her video, Steph was soon inundated with comments from people who were impressed by the idea.

One user said: “I would live there, it looks so nice.”

While another wrote “great idea” and a third added: “Wow you did a great job.”

Another user said they wanted to do it too, saying: “My hubby and I have talked about doing this so much lately for Airbnb.”

And then Steph replied: “I recommend it! people love staying in tiny homes for vacay.”

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