Hotel worker shares clip of trashed hotel room after ‘half pig’ guests leave

A hotel worker has shared the number one thing he wants customers to know but can’t say directly to them.

The social media star, @tsmallzz, claims to work for Premier Inn and said that customers repeatedly leave the room in a disgraceful state – with food all over the floor, bodily fluids on the bed sheets, and even dirt on the ceiling.

The man said that he’d had enough, and wanted others to know what hotel workers have to put up with – and he took to TikTok as he’s not allowed to confront his customers.

In the video, the hotel room really is in a bad way and it looks as if food has been thrown all over the floor, and like someone might have been sick in the bed.

Taking to TikTok, he said: “Look how these customers left their room this morning. I can’t even imagine what their house looks like -They must be cross human cross pigs.

“Oh no no no, not the ceiling too. I have seen it all. These donkeys are going to learn when they get that invoice.”

The video shows around the hotel room and it is shocking just how messy it has been left.

The carpets are covered in crumbs, crisp packets, leftover food and sweets, and the table was left with empty bottles, messy plates and food splattered everywhere.

The bedding was completely covered in stains – it is unclear whether it is sick or a spilt breakfast but whatever it is, it is gross.

Then, the video shows the ceiling which is somehow covered with splattered food, that appears to be baked beans and eggs…

There was even a stain on the TV and the walls.

The video has clearly shocked many and has racked up a whopping 1.4 million views, alongside 53.7k likes, 3,110 comments and 3,836 shares.

Many people were horrified by the state of the room and took to the comments to express their shock.

One person said: “Would never understand how people leave messy stuff like this.”

Another added: “Frustrating thing is their home is probably spotless, can’t stand folk who have no respect for anything that isn’t theirs.”

A third commented: “So pleased you said they were going to get an additional bill. Serves them right. What is wrong with people.”

Then another user commented: “I used to work for Premier Inn and saw this and worse.”

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