Influencer bemused by £22 croc-style trousers with built-in wardrobe malfunction

An influencer was left stunned after buying a pair of £22 Asos trousers with a built-in wardrobe malfunction.

Jessie Khoo uploaded a video to Instagram where she did an ‘honest review’ of the croc-effect trousers, that have an exposed thong built in.

As the Daily Star reports, she described them as the “most offensive thing to fashion”, despite them being part of a larger style championed by Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Jessie, based in Sydney, Australia, reviewed the trousers for her fans and was soon inundated with comments from people agreeing that they were a step too far.

In the clip, she said: “The other week I put a story up with this pair of pants.

“I thought they were crazy, all of you thought they were crazy — and of course I’d get them.”

Unboxing her ASOS parcel in front of the camera, Jessie couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when she picks up the trousers.

She puts it on and says: “Okay, this is going to be the most offensive thing to fashion.”

Her first impression is that it’s very long but she could picture herself wearing it with sneakers.

Then she turns around to show the exposed thong, adding: “This is the back they’re very low, what do you think?

“There is something sexy about it, I’m not gonna lie. Could I wear it out as a 31-year-old? Yes, but I’m not going to.”

Her fans agreed with her but they said she looked “gorgeous in everything.”

“Business at the front, party in the back,” a viewer joked.

Another wrote: “You are hot in anything but these are f***ing horrendous.”

“Seriously, why? You actually rock them, I won’t be adding to cart though,” a third added.

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