Mum-of-ten hits back at trolls who blasted her for buying 191 packets of crisps

A devoted mum-of-ten dubbed a ‘ superwoman ‘ by her fans has hit back at trolls who blasted her for spending £876 on her weekly shop.

TikTok star Alicia Dougherty, @doughertydozen, regularly shares videos from her day-to-day life and takes the app by storm as people are shocked by the chaotic life of the family-of-12 and quite honestly, we’re in awe.

She uploads clips of herself preparing meals for the brood, as she expertly remembers all the various different eating requirements for each of her children – all of which she appears to do at an impressive speed.

But some have trolled the doting mum, saying she spends too much on shopping and buys the wrong food – so now she’s hit back at them with a new video.

In the clip, she detailed everything she bought at the shop, saying: “The following will last us for almost one week plus I had to get supplies for the boy’s football party later today.

“I did not get apples, we’re going to go apple picking for those later. I did get produce including 25 bananas.

“Some snacks including 191 packs of chips. Bread for the week, a few boxes of cereal.

“Dairy for the week including 14lbs of cheese, lunchables, coffee, some canned goods, meat including 12.5lb chicken. 6lb of pasta and a few random things and that’s all for today!”

In the video, she shows her entire shop, which includes 191 packets of crisps, and the total cost of the mountainous food shop – £876.

One said: “How do yall afford this? I would literally go bankrupt. Good job mama!”

And another wrote: “This is literally thousands of dollars a month on groceries.”

While a third added: “1,200 dollars in one week? What in the world do you guys do for work? That is my rent and my food for two weeks.”

In another clip, Alicia explains she refuses to let her children help with chores, and that she does it all with her husband, Josh.

Alicia said: “They didn’t ask to be a part of a large family so they shouldn’t have to do extra chores just because they are.”

Previously, the 40-year-old could be seen using an entire loaf of bread to prepare sandwiches for all ten children’s lunch, carefully putting different fillings in each to cater to each of the kids’ tastes, before placing them into individual sandwich bags.

“You are superwoman,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “Can always spot Bree’s sandwich! Love that you cut hers in a special way, love your content.”

In another video, Alicia could be seen plating up ten portions of spaghetti Bolognese, carefully placing sauce on some, but not all, of the plates.

“I love that you know who gets how many meatballs and who doesn’t like sauce. That’s so impressive,” one follower wrote.

Another added: “That reminded me of the participants of Masterchef having to plate all dishes for a crowd of people in a specific amount of time.”

Among Alicia’s other TIkTok videos, she can be seen making her way through pile after pile of washing and all the other daily tasks that come with having ten kids.

She certainly is one supermama.

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