Woman uses mirror to catch boyfriend lying about what he’s watching on his phone

A woman managed to catch her boyfriend lying about what he was looking at on his phone by using a very simple trick involving a mirror.

TikTok star Tiffany, @tiffanykristenxo, was laying on the sofa with her partner, with their heads at either end, and without him knowing, managed to wedge a mirror between her toes and angle it so she could see his screen.

She then asked him what he was looking at and he promptly replies “exotic cars, I’ve always wanted one”, but all the while Tiffany can see that he is actually scrolling through images of scantily-clad women.

She shared the video on TikTok, where it has received over 16 million views, so that others can be aware of the technique and use it to catch out their lying partners.

After the video was shared online, Tiffany was inundated with comments from her fans – who praised her for keeping a cool head.

One said: “Omg the way you kept your composure. My blood was boiling for you. Lusting is the same as cheating, I said what I said.”

And a second added: “For the people saying it isn’t cheating, for some people it is. Different people have different boundaries and things they consider cheating.”

“It is not cheating but it is straight disrespect,” wrote a third user.

But others didn’t see a problem with the man’s actions, as one user said: “I don’t get why other girls get so mad over guys looking at girls pics on PUBLIC APPS?? Like I be looking too, are y’all really that insecure?”

While another agreed: “Am I the only lady in these comments that doesn’t mind if my husband looks at stuff like this?”

At the end of Tiffany’s video, the man shows her a blue Bugatti he has saved on his phone as a decoy, then goes back to looking at an image of a woman in a red bikini.

She then says “oh I like the red one”, and the man realises he’s been caught in the act.

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